velox devices

Multidirectional Plate transport tables

GRAFOTEAM has built a broad range of transport tables, whose function is moving, buffering and distributing printing plates between the various machines in a production line, effectively serving as a “glue” between them. 

The central component is an X-Y mechanism capable of moving the plate in both directions. In addition, there might be one or more input / exit modules attached to the central component.

Some examples of system configurations are:

  • input from one platesetter, output to  three processors
  • input from two platesetters, output to one processor.

This range of machines is very broad , using between 2 and 7 DC motors. The controller uses an universal display and central processor, and between 1 and 4 VD203 modules for motor control

Some of the motors perform limited range motions, like lifting and lowering a metal frame. An innovative approach to driving such motors was to limit and sense the motor current, so as upon reaching end position the motor could be turned off without using mechanical switches.

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